Individual Sessions - What to Expect

In my Individual Sessions, I would be supporting you to increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and help you to connect to your emotions and inner voice. You would set the pace and decide what you want to focus on.

We would work together to identify and address your goals. I guide my clients to find their own answers by exploring emotions, core beliefs, triggers, helpful & unhelpful patterns, and past experiences. Every session can look different depending on what comes up. Depending on the needs of each client, some sessions might be more structured where some would be more free-flowing.

If it seems like it would be useful and my clients are open to it - I often use different methods of creative art therapy to help my clients in exploring their issues on a deeper level, which always helps people gain new perspective. (This is not about being artistic! Just a different way of exploring that helps you tap into your subconscious).

You can read more about my background and therapy style here.