But Isn't it Normal to Have Body Image Issues When My Body is Changing?

Have you found yourself wondering if you'll ever get your old body back?

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Many would argue that body image issues in the peri-natal period are "normal" and that there is nothing else going on; but if there was truly nothing else going on, then a woman would be able to notice and accept the changes to her body instead of becoming concerned or pre-occupied with the changes. 

Pregnancy, birth, and the transition into motherhood are all-consuming experiences that impact you physically and emotionally. Our bodies can quickly become a target when other things in our lives are becoming overwhelming or when uncomfortable emotions are being stirred up - which is inevitable during pregnancy, post-partum, or when you are ttc or experiencing pregnancy loss.

It's definitely normal to go through a period of grieving when you or your body goes through any transition, but when you find yourself becoming obsessive or preoccupied with these changes, it is important to ask yourself why you are finding yourself focusing so much on your body image during this time. If you want to get to a place where you feel true acceptance of your body, you have to be willing to look inside and see what else is triggering these feelings of dissatisfaction in the first place.

What is going on beneath the surface?

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Jen is a counsellor and psychotherapist in Calgary, Alberta with over 7 years experience working with women with body image issues and eating disorders. Visit The Essence of You website or Contact Jen directly to find out about upcoming workshops.