Why Jen’s Connecting Through Motherhood Group Offers More Than You Might Think!


Why you will LOVE being in this group, and why it offers you might think...

This is NOT just another moms group!

In these Connecting Through Motherhood group sessions, you will be supported to increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and I will help you to connect to your emotions and inner voice. 

It’s so easy to feel like you lose yourself in motherhood... and these sessions have a focus on promoting connection to YOURSELF through your journey as a mother. You will LOVE having this space for self-connection and self-exploration! 


In these sessions we will work together to identify and address your goals, and I will encourage you to find your own answers by supporting you in exploring emotions, core beliefs, triggers, helpful & unhelpful patterns, and past experiences.

You are asked to share only as much as you feel comfortable and at your own pace, giving and receiving feedback while respecting boundaries and differences amongst other group participants. It is asked that no advice is given unless specifically asked for; as this space is more about developing your awareness and coming to your own conclusions instead of being told what to do.

You will be supported to gain insight and make healthy changes to make your journey through motherhood more manageable. 

What to expect:

* Connect to your identity and the essence of who you are while processing current and past experiences in this supportive group setting 

* Learn how to put yourself first without sacrificing others, 

* Learn how to set limits and boundaries within your relationships with assertive communication, 

* Learn how to manage your emotions effectively

It is incredibly powerful to share and listen within a group, and I love being able to hold the space for this!

Each group session will be led by Jen Reddish, Registered Master Therapeutic Counsellor at the Essence of You, who has nearly a decade of experience facilitating groups and supporting people to connect to themselves and the root of their issues to help them make positive changes in moving forward into their lives more freely. 

These groups are held monthly in the beautiful countryside of Priddis, a short drive from Calgary. These Retreat-style sessions will leave you feeling restored, nourished, and more connected to yourself. ❤️❤️


No minimum sign up required, come to one and see if it feels like a space you want to come back to. ❤️

Babes in arms are welcome.

When you invest into yourself, you always have more to give. You and your whole family will benefit.