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Workshop: Sexuality, Body Image & Self-Esteem

  • Calgary, Alberta Canada (map)

This workshop will support you to explore the connections between your sexuality, body image, and self-esteem. In this workshop, you will:

* Gain insight on your relationship with your sexuality & body image
* Learn how your sexuality impacts your self-esteem & your relationship with your body
* Increase your self-awareness through learning, creative activities, sharing & reflection

Space is limited, registration is necessary.

Investment: $60
Location: Marda Loop, SW Calgary

This workshop is being facilitated by Jen Reddish from The Essence of You Counselling & Jill Thompson from Tharseo Counselling.

Jen specializes in Body Image in her counselling practice, and has over 7 years experience working with women struggling with body image issues and eating disorders, and she is passionate about supporting women on this topic.

Jill specializes in Sexuality and Gender in her counselling practice. She is passionate about empowering women to talk about all things sexuality.

Both Jen & Jill also offer Individual Counselling in their practices. As registered professionals, some or all of the cost could be covered by your insurance provider and is tax-deductible.