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Anger & Rage in Motherhood 5-Part Series

In this 5-Part Series on Anger & Rage in Motherhood, we will continue to look at the topics introduced in the Initial Workshop in more depth.

Have you struggled with anger and/or rage since becoming a mother? Often when these feelings come up, they can become so powerful that they take over and we can feel helpless and out of control. 

Join these sessions to create an opportunity to shift how you view your anger, how you see yourself, and help you to make lasting changes. You will be invited to learn more about what triggers your anger, how to start recognizing warning signs and learn coping strategies to deal with these feelings and the behaviours that come with it. This workshop will also provide opportunity for connecting with other women who have similar struggles in their journey through motherhood.

These classes are facilitated in an interactive online class by Jen Reddish, Counsellor at The Essence of You, specialist in mental health in post-partum & motherhood.

Each Session will allow time for each participant to share examples from their lives and discuss with other participants while being led by Jen with further information and feedback.

1) Connecting to Your Anger

2) Expectations vs Reality

3) Healthy Release of Anger

4) Taking Action > Using your power P1

5) Taking Action > Using your power P2

These sessions are $45 per class. Save $25 when you attend the workshop!