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Coping with Anger, Rage & Guilt Postpartum: Bowen Island Mini-Retreat

Have you struggled with anger, rage, or guilt since having a child? Often when these feelings come up, they can become so powerful that they take over and we can feel helpless and out of control. Are you ready to stop feeling overpowered by these emotions? 

Join us on beautiful Bowen island the morning of July 13th, 2019 for a mini-retreat day and participate in the incredible workshop: Coping With Anger, Rage & Guilt Postpartum.Continue reading for more details:

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Workshop Details

Join Jen Reddish, Master Therapeutic Counsellor at The Essence of You, to create an opportunity to shift how you view your anger, rage, and guilt which will help you to make lasting changes. 

You will be invited to learn more about what triggers your anger and guilt, how to start recognizing warning signs and learn coping strategies to deal with these feelings and the behaviours that come with it.

You will learn ways of releasing guilt and anger that are toxic for you, understand how to use your power and support yourself without sacrificing others, and connect to different sides of yourself. 

This workshop will also provide opportunity for connecting with others with similar experiences in their parenting journey.   

Babes in arms are welcome.  $60 Investment to participate. 

Mini – Retreat Itinerary

8:30am – 9:45am (optional): Meet us for coffee / a snack in Snug Cove to connect to other group members and shuttle with us to the workshop location if you decide to walk on the ferry instead of drive over. Even if you bring your own vehicle or are a Bowen Island resident, you are welcome to meet up with us for a casual coffee here.

10:15am – 1:15pm (Workshop): Hosted by Jen Reddish, this is the workshop time! With Jen’s guidance, you will explore your anger, rage, and guilt and tools to make lasting changes in a supportive group setting and walk away with new tools and connections for thriving in yourself as an individual and new parent.

1:30pm (Optional, details may change depending on whether, ETC): Participant outdoor lunch walking distance from ferry (bring a bagged lunch for this!) or shuttle back to ferry for those heading straight back. There are also lots of restaurants to check out for lunch for those who prefer to go out. Details of “things to do on Bowen” will be sent out for those who want to take time to explore the island and stay a while! Explore the beaches, go for a hike, have an ice cream or locally made chocolate, and check out the local shops! *Exact details of optional post-workshop options will be sent out closer to the date. 

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Getting There

Bowen Island is a 20 minute ferry ride from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. Ferry fees are approximately $10.45 per person, plus around $29 per vehicle (return trip included, you only pay one way!). Bringing your vehicle over will give you more flexibility for exploring the island after the workshop, but for those who wish to walk-on, we will arrange to shuttle you to and from the ferry. 

Catch either the 8am or 9:05am ferry and meet us for a morning coffee in Snug Cove just off the ferry and then we can head to the workshop location for 10am. Full morning details for those who want to walk on the ferry and catch a ride with us to the workshop will be sent by email closer to the date, but we will make it easy as pie for ya. 

For those who want to make a weekend of it, there are lots of places to stay on the island!

Reserve Your Spot!

FYI: We are also hosting a Resiliency Retreat For Birth Workers Workshop in the afternoon, if you are also a parent and want to get in on that one, too!

Jen Reddish is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor & Psychotherapist at The Essence of You in Calgary, Alberta and is coming to B.C. for this special workshop day!. Jen has been working as a Counsellor for almost a decade and is a specialist in mental health in the postpartum period.