Support for Post-Partum & Motherhood

“I’m keeping my calm, and then I EXPLODE.” Does this sound like you? Recently I did an interview with Jessica from Birth Takes a Village on Post-Partum Rage. We talked about common presenting symptoms, and not-so-common strategies to make long lasting changes on the way you experience anger and rage in Motherhood. View the full video interview on post-partum rage here.

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The importance of how we experience birth is seldom acknowledged and frequently dismissed. Whether a woman's birth experience was traumatic or peaceful and empowering, we all go through significant transformations physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually after giving birth. 

Share, process and heal from your birth experience, to allow yourself to move forward and build a healthy relationship with yourself & your family. Processing past birth experiences is also a very important piece of getting ready for another pregnancy or birth.



Women go through huge transformations and changes as we give birth and become mothers.

When your life is dedicated to your family it is easy to put yourself last, and lose touch with who you are and who you want to be.

Regardless of whether you have just become a mother or if you have been a mother for a long time,  you might find yourself needing extra support and self-focus to help you connect with your emotions, and process the changes you've gone through in your journey of motherhood.

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