Counselling & Psychotherapy

The Essence of You offers both Individual & Group Therapy. Welcoming women from all life stages, with a special interest in the areas listed below. Meet the Counsellor.


Pre-Natal: Emotionally prepare for your birth & arrival of your new baby,  identify your goals for your birth. Explore changes you've encountered during your pregnancy and anticipated changes for once baby arrives.

Birth Processing: Share, process and heal from your birth experienc, to be able to move forward and build a healthy relationship with yourself & your family. Processing past birth experiences is a very important piece of getting ready for another pregnancy or birth.

Post-Partum & Motherhood: Focus on your needs, connect with your emotions, and process the changes you've gone through in your journey as a mother.

Body Image: Address the underlying issues of your body dissatisfaction.

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Grief & Loss: Support for women who've experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, and other losses in their lives.

Identity & Self-Esteem: Explore your relationship with yourself, connect to your inner self & intuition, address root issues of low self-esteem.

Anxiety & Depression: Explore how anxiety/depression is impacting your life, identify root causes, build tools and coping strategies.

Codependency: Learn how to detach from other people, set healthy boundaries and become more fulfilled from within.

Family of Origin: Identify current struggles that are connected to your past family of origin issues - work on resolving these to have a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

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In my Individual & Group Sessions, I would be supporting you to increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and help you to connect to your emotions and inner voice. You would set the pace and decide what you want to focus on.

We would work together to identify and address your goals. I guide my clients to find their own answers by exploring emotions, core beliefs, triggers, helpful & unhelpful patterns, and past experiences. Every session can look different depending on what comes up. Depending on the needs of each client, some sessions might be more structured where some would be more free-flowing.

If it seems like it would be useful and my clients are open to it - I often use different methods of expressive arts therapy to help my clients in exploring their issues on a deeper level, which always helps people gain new perspective. (This is not about being artistic! Just a different way of exploring that helps you tap into your subconscious).

In my group sessions specifically, we will usually be focused on a particular topic each time, and there will also be space for each participant to share - as much or as little as you choose - about yourself and what you are currently struggling with.

You can expect psycho-education on the topic for the week and exploration around how that topic impacts you. Sometimes there will be more focus on the topic, and sometimes more focus on what the participants bring up - I am always flexible with this to meet the needs of the group.

You are asked to share only as much as you feel comfortable and at your own pace, giving and receiving feedback while respecting boundaries and differences. It is asked that no advice is given unless specifically asked for; as group therapy is more about developing your awareness and coming to your own conclusions instead of being told what to do.

I encourage discussion amongst the participants to give opportunity for relating, sharing, and feedback; which is so helpful with normalizing and de-shaming, as well as gaining different perspectives and insight on your experiences that you may not have seen otherwise. It is incredibly powerful to share and listen within a group, and I love being able to hold the space for this!

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* Babes in arms are welcome.