The Essence of You was created by Jen Reddish with a goal of supporting women through different phases of life; with a specific focus on pre-natal, post-partum, motherhood & body image.

Jen is a Registered Master Therapeutic Counsellor and uses an integrative counselling approach. She is gentle and direct and adapts her style to the needs of her clients in order to best suit each individual. Jen will support you to connect to your intuition and  the essence of who you are, while exploring the root causes of your issues to help you address challenges in your life. When it suits the needs of her clients, Jen uses expressive arts therapy in her sessions. Working creatively in therapy helps you to connect to your body, enabling you to access thoughts and feelings that are normally blocked by your conscious mind.

“I’m keeping my calm, and then I EXPLODE.” Does this sound like you? Recently I did an interview with Jessica from Birth Takes a Village on Post-Partum Rage. We talked about common presenting symptoms, and not-so-common strategies to make long lasting changes on the way you experience anger and rage in Motherhood. View the full video interview on post-partum rage here.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy can provide a personal experience enabling you to specifically focus on certain issues/topics. Individual Therapy is a wonderful avenue to work on building your self-awareness, connecting to your emotions, and gaining a stronger connection to your intuition.

Group Therapy

There is so much to be gained from allowing yourself to be vulnerable and "seen" within a group; this is an incredible resource for emotional support and growth, and helps you immensely with increasing your self-awareness and building support systems.


Intensive workshops are held on a regular basis on a variety of topics. Our workshops offer both education & support, and can be used as a boost to your current therapy, as an introduction to these topics or for those who are not ready or unable to commit to regular therapy. 

The Essence of You is based in Calgary, Alberta. Individual Sessions, Group Therapy and Workshops on different topics are available.

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